Prescription Female Sexual Enhancement Medications

women libido productWomen, as well as men, have several different sex hormones in their bodies. Women who are experiencing a low libido or no sex drive can treat that condition in a number of different ways. Some women suffer quietly and go through life without enjoying sexual activity. Other women will try over-the-counter creams and lotions that can be applied before sexual activity to increase sensitivity during sexual relations and other women seek medical help and use prescription female sexual enhancement medications like hormone treatments to improve their sexual appetite.

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone that plays an important role in a man’s sexual enjoyment, but testosterone is also used as a prescription female sexual enhancement medication for women who are experiencing a low libido. The results of testosterone treatments in women are mixed. Some women do experience an increase in sexual desire, but other women claim that testosterone is not an effective prescription female sexual enhancement medication. Prescription testosterone is expensive and most women get upset and discouraged because of the poor results.

Lyriana and Female Sexual Enhancement Medications

DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is another prescription female sexual enhancement medication that can influence all sex hormones, as well as the adrenal hormones. DHEA can help some women, who want to use a prescription female sexual enhancement product, but the results of DHEA have not been great; DHEA can upset the normal sleep cycle, which is an issue for a lot of women. Estrogen treatments are also part of prescription female sexual enhancement solutions. Estrogen does help some women, but the percentage of women who benefit from an estrogen prescription is relatively low.

Lyriana, on the other hand, is a non prescription female sexual enhancement supplement that offers women an affordable and effective solution for female sexual dysfunction. When Lyriana enters the bloodstream it increases blood flow to the small blood vessels in the genital area, as well as in other areas of the body. Almost automatically the reproductive system and the nervous system send messages to the brain, and the sexual desires starts to manifest. The vagina is lubricated naturally and the clitoris and labia are stimulated within minutes. When Lyriana increases desire, intense orgasms occur frequently. Women who use Lyriana frequently experience multiple orgasms, and enjoy sexual activity more.

Lyriana also reduces the pain associated with menopause and alleviates vaginal dryness, so sexual activity is an exciting experience. Women, who have used other prescription female sexual enhancement medications and then try Lyriana, feel the difference immediately.

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