Female Sexual Enhancements

herbal aphrodisiacA recent survey of women living in America conducted by APA, also known as the American Psychiatric Association, revealed that the most common sexual problem that women experience is hypoactive sexual desire disorder, also known as a low libido or sex drive. Pain during intercourse is another common issue that over fourteen percent of the women in the survey said they experience, although that condition decreases with age. Twenty four percent of the women said they had difficulty reaching an orgasm and most of them experience vaginal dryness before sex. The same survey shows that thirty-seven percent of the women think about sex a few times a month and thirty-three percent think about it two or three times a week. It seems that happy women think about sex more often than unhappy women.

The billion dollar male and female sexual enhancement industry is well aware of the issues that relate to female sexual dysfunction, so there are a variety of female sexual enhancement products on the market that claim to cure the symptoms of a low libido. Female sexual enhancements also address the female orgasmic disorder, which is the absence or a persistent delay of orgasm during sex. The American Psychiatric Association does not define what a normal orgasm is, but the survey indicated that twenty-nine percent of the women say they always have an orgasm when they are sexual active and forty percent are satisfied with their sexual partners. That means that over seventy percent of women need help from female sexual enhancements and sixty percent may need to find new partners.

One of the most effective female sexual enhancement products available is Lyriana. Lyriana is an all natural oral female sexual enhancement product that goes to work to cure the symptoms of FSD, as soon as it enters the blood stream.

Lyriana and Other Female Sexual Enhancements

Most female sexual enhancements treat a few of the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the vagina. Lyriana not only reduces all the symptoms of FSD, it addresses the causes and offers a safe and effective solution. Lyriana increase a woman’s sexual desire by sending messages to the brain through the nervous and reproductive systems. It also stimulates the sensitive areas of the body, so a woman is sexually aroused naturally. Lyriana helps activate the imagination, so orgasm is a frequent event during sexual activity. Lyriana, unlike other female sexual enhancements, is designed to help women overcome fatigue and mild depression, as well as other conditions that lead to female sexual dysfunction.

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