Female Sexual Enhancement Supplements

female libido enhancerSomeone once said that in order to live life fully, we should enjoy an active sex life and appreciate the world as it is now. Medical research reports that four out of ten women have a condition known as female sexual dysfunction, also known as FSD. Female sexual dysfunction keeps women from enjoying sexual activity for several reasons.

The billion dollar sexual enhancement industry has an assortment of female sexual enhancement supplements on the market that promise to help women with FSD, but most of these female sexual enhancement supplements don’t do enough to help women overcome the mental pain they experience when they can’t reach an orgasm. Some of these female sexual enhancement supplements treat a couple of symptoms associated with female sexual dysfunction, but they are not designed to prevent it from happening again.

Any woman, who has gone through the anguish of a low sexual drive, discomfort during intercourse, an aversion to sex, vaginal dryness and the inability to reach an orgasm, will tell you that they’re willing to try almost any female sexual enhancement supplement to alleviate, as well as cure this debilitating condition. Some women spend most of their lives quietly suffering. The American Medical Association reports that almost half of all American women have some sort of difficulty with sexual activity.

There is one oral female sexual enhancement supplement that is designed address the cause of FSD, as well as relieve the symptoms associated with a low libido. Lyriana is an all natural oral supplement that increases sexual desire within minutes. Lyriana helps lubricate the vagina, plus women achieve dynamic and multiple orgasms when they use it.

Lyriana the all Natural Female Sexual Enhancement Supplement

Lyriana is not like other female sexual enhancement supplements. Lyriana goes to work as soon as it reaches the bloodstream. Lyriana increase the blood flow to the small blood vessels in the genital area, as well as throughout the body. The increased blood flow heightens sensitivity and the internal systems in the body begin to react. The nervous and reproductive system send messages to the brain and the sensitive areas of the body like the breasts, clitoris and vagina are stimulated. The vagina lubricates itself naturally and the desire for sexual activity increases. Unlike other female sexual enhancement supplements, Lyriana is a proprietary formula that goes to the source of the problem and works on it.

Lyriana is a safe and effective all natural female sexual enhancement supplement that helps women who have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as women who are on birth control or antidepressants. Women who experience a decrease in their sex drive after childbirth or who are having stress and fatigue issues use Lyriana, and are able to enjoy sex once again. For more information about female sexual enhancement supplements and Lyriana visit www.lyriana.com.

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