Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

improve female orgasmSeveral medical studies over the years report that about 40% of women don’t enjoy sex. There are many issues that contribute to a low sex drive in women. A lack of sexual desire, the inability to be aroused sexually, lack of sexual climax and painful intercourse are all factors that restrict women from having a fulfilling sexual experience. The sexual enhancement industry has produced an assortment of products to help women lubricate their vagina and stimulate their sexual desire. Female sexual enhancement pills have been on the market for several years and they do help treat the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction, but not all women are satisfied with the results.

There are physiological, as well as psychological elements involved in sexual arousal. If one of the elements is missing, a woman may experience symptoms of FSD or female sexual dysfunction. Every woman must have the desire to have sex; she must be excited about the act itself and must be able to reach an unrestricted heightened level of excitement right before orgasm. She must be able to experience an orgasm and then be able to return to a normal heart rate and blood flow.

In order to achieve these stages, blood flow must reach all the blood vessels in genital area, as well as in the brain. The clitoral area should experience an increased level of sensitivity and the vaginal area should be well lubricated. Some prescription female sexual enhancement pills help lubricate the vagina and increase blood flow, but may not have an impact on the mental aspect of the sexual experience.

Lyriana and Female Sexual Enhancement Pills

One oral supplement that is has a dramatic impact on women and their ability to reach an orgasm and multiple orgasms is Lyriana. Lyriana is a proprietary formula that not only reduces the symptoms; it has a huge impact on some of the causes of female sexual dysfunction. When Lyriana is compared to other female sexual enhancement pills, the results are obvious. Lyriana stimulates desire, which produces exciting thoughts that result in sexual activity that reaches orgasmic levels. Once Lyriana reaches the blood stream, there is an increase in blood flow to the genital area, as well as to the small blood vessels in the brain, which stimulates the natural lubrication of the vagina. The clitoris becomes more sensitive so when intercourse begins, the mind and the body are participating in the act.

Some female sexual enhancement pills do work to increase blood flow to the vagina, but Lyriana works on the cause of sexual dysfunction and when it is used frequently, sexual activity becomes the intense, exciting experience it is meant to be. Female sexual enhancement pills come in all sizes and brands, but when Lyriana is taken orally nothing else is needed.

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