Female Sexual Enhancement Lotion

orgasm creamEvery woman wants to be satisfied sexually. Unfortunately, inevitably there comes a  time in a woman’s life where this becomes difficult.  Recent studies show that over 40% of women don’t enjoy sexual activity for a variety of reasons, which are psychological, as well as physiological. Orgasm is the goal of most sexual encounters and if that element is missing from the act, the experience becomes an issue. The mind begins to create thoughts that inhibit having an orgasm and before you know it, sex is a painful struggle with no resolution.

The sexual enhancement industry has introduced several products that treat the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) or the inability to reach an orgasm. Topical cream for Female sexual enhancement are used by women who are going through menopause or are experiencing dryness and pain during penetration. A female sexual enhancement lotion can help alleviate some of the symptoms of FSD, but in order to treat the cause a natural oral supplement called Lyriana should be used instead of a female sexual enhancement lotion. Lyriana works on the mind, as well as the body, making sex more enjoyable and having orgasms easier.

The Difference Between Lyriana & Female Sexual Enhancement Lotions

A woman responds sexually when there is a connection between the mind and the body. Several internal systems are involved in a healthy sexual experience. The respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal, endocrine and reproductive systems all play a role in healthy sexual activity. A female sexual enhancement lotion will impact a couple of those systems, but when Lyriana is taken orally it goes to work on all of those systems to help the body and mind respond to sexual stimulation in a natural way. A female sexual enhancement lotion help lubricate the vagina, but Lyriana stimulates the nervous system along with all the internal systems, which helps produce an enjoyable and intense sexual experience.

Taking Lyriana orally, produces a chain reaction that ends in a fulfilling orgasm or multiple orgasms. The big difference between a female sexual enhancement lotion and Lyriana is the final result. The end result is pleasurable sexual activity that can be experienced whenever the time is right. Lyriana works because it increases blood flow to the small blood vessels in the genital area, as well as in the brain. It also increases clitoral sensitivity and acts as a natural lubricant in the vagina. The sex is better because the internal system is aroused without mental restrictions that inhibit orgasm; especially multiple orgasms. Using a female sexual enhancement lotion is one step, but Lyriana is the complete stairway to sexual fulfillment.

To learn more about Lyriana, visit www.lyriana.com for more information.

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